Sunday, July 10, 2011

IIIT Basara overview

Basar, abode to Gnana Saraswati, located on bank of holy river Godavari, is nearer to Nizamabad city that comes under Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh. Here is located the ancient temple of Gnana Sarasvati - the Goddess of Knowledge. It is believed to be one of the two oldest temples of Goddess Saraswati in India, the other being located in Kashmir.

'Akshara Gnana' is a special ritual at Basar, in which devotees bring their children to the temple. The significance of the ritual lies in the fact that it marks the formal starting of child's education. The Goddess answers all the prayers of the committed devotees, filling their life with bliss and happiness.

  1. The total area of each campus is 146.25 acres.
  2. Built up area of Basar Campus is 6, 36,335.54Sqfts.
  3. The Hostel has 887 dormitories built over an area of 4,23,667 Sq ft.
  4. Classrooms & Labs.
    • There are 84 Classrooms at RGUKT Basar.
    • There are 12 Labs at RGUKT Basar.
    • There are 2 staff rooms.
  5. The number of messes available are 20 built over an area of 86,650 Sq.m.
  6. There is one Library available for RGUKT Basar where the students can study after study hours.
  7. Student’s extracurricular activities:
    • Students participate actively in Cultural activities, Elocution and Essay writing competitions.
    • Students play games like Cricket, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi,Volleyball, Badminton,Tennicoit, Carroms, Chess.

Human Resources:
  1. The Director of RGUKT, IIIT - Basar is Dr. Rajendra Sahu
  2. The Administrative Staff comprises of 22 people.
  3. The number of people involved in the effective functioning of the Mess is 291.
  4. The number of people alloted for housekeeping is 68.
  5. The number of people alloted for security is 92.

  1. The campus is provided with Internet connectivity at the speed of 8mbps.
  2. There are 5 Servers to maintain the network connection.
  3. LAN Connectivity is available throughout the academic premises

  1. The students come from a rural background.
  2. Min, Max and Average scores in the 10th board.
    • 2008-09 batch: Minimum - 100/1000, Maximum-994/1000, Average - 547.
    • 2009-10 batch: Minimum - 290/700, Maximum -613/700, Average - 452

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